This May Be The Only Unused Barney Oliver Amp In Existence - A Vintage Virgin!

Some Background:

      This is a pristine Barney Oliver Amplifier that I bought from HP (or the HP group involved in its design and production) in 1973, even though I was not, and never had been, an employee of HP. Some HP alumni, and one senior officer at HP were investors in my startup computer company, so when I was offered an opportunity to buy one of the amps, I took it.

NOTE: For some history about how this unit came into being at HP and a lot of details about the culture of HP during that time period, go to the link address below. Cut-n-paste it (Leave out the apostifes) and It brings up an archived eBay listing for one of the (used) units that sold in 2011.


The Unit Unit Has Never Been Used:

      As it turned out, I did not have enough time (or interest) in building a system worthy of the amp's use. I opened the plastic bag in which the unit came for an initial look-see, and it has basically been in a closet for over 45 years. In some of the large (really large) photos one can see clearly the masking tape that is protecting the top and bottom edges of the front panel. The walnut wood pieces in the first picture are the sides which I did not install. There may have been four screws to attach the sides to the unit, but if so, I lost them. The top has never been removed.

Bring Yoyr Own Poweer Cord:

      As far as I know, no power cord came with unet. The user manual (with the schematics) is unused, except for my scribbled name and the date in ink on the front of it. (I must have been in a hurry because my normal handwriting is really not that bad).

The strange-looking gap between the top and the sides of the unit is because of how the top fits into the slots in the side pieces. I have not opened the unit but did fit one of the wooden side pieces against it to observe the fit..

Some Really Big Pictures:

      There are two very large pictures of the front - one is 18 inches wide, and the other is a whopping 40 inches wide! The details are pretty sharp.

The large pictures of the corner and the rear are a bit more modest: the side shot is only 24 inches, and the rear is 28 inches wide. I elected not to open the unit and photograph the inside. Others have posted such pictures, and this unit will be the same but without the dust.

The Unit is museum quality in all respects. If it would be helpful to have a little provenance, that could be provided to the extent of how I came about owing it, including the names of some of the HP alumni from whom I learned a lot about building and running a fast-growing startup computer company and so on (if I can recall all of the names). For historical accounts of how the unit came about, that is posted in various places on the internet (including the cBay reference above), as are the nitty gritty technical specifications, so that is left to the buyer.


      The unit is located in the Denver, Colorado area. When listed on Craigslist Denver, delivery will be assumed to be by face-to-face at an appropriate place in the area for security reasons. Shipping could be worked out at buyer's expense, but only after cash is received - which could be tricky. For more info, contact