Vintage Dual Model CS 1246 Turntable
The unit is located in Denver, CO area Lots of Age, very little Use

This unit has spent the last 30 years on a shelf in the closet. It was a top-of-the -line in turntables when I bought it new back in the '70's. Digital became the new rage and pushed vinyl aside. Now that the analog approach is being "rediscovered", it's time for coming out of that closet.

Tje unit has been used very little. The belt is original.

The stemple thingie has been replaced - the original one just fell apart from age. The unit works fine. Kinda forgot how good some of the old records sounded.

I'm asking $375. Contact:

The unit is really clean, but the plastic cover can use a good buffing. I have left that for the next owner.

As for the cartridge, I think it is the original one. Sounds great, and I also believe the needle is original.

The buyer should plan on picking up the unit locally, since shipping the unit would require some very careful - and expensive - packing to avoid shipping damage. I can button it down and package with lots of thick soft foam - with platter & top removed and in their own compartments, but would prefer buyer pick it up. A copy of the serevice manual comes with it.


There are four sizes of photos: the small (3 " wide shown below), and three more lists showing lists of 6", 9", and 18", respectively. The list of 18" photos will be slower to download, since each view is about 1 MB, and there are 5 of them.

List  1     Four 6-inch wide

List  2     Six 9-inch wide

List   3    Four 18-inch wide