Franklin Library - 100 Greatest Books of All Time
There are 84 of the 100 volumes in this set. And Nearly 40 Photos of Thd Set

A list of the other (missing) 16 volumes is here.

With a couple of exceptions, the books are unused, and are in very good to new condition. Each book was accompanied by a "Notes from the Editors" pamphlet. I have 81 of those also.

There are 38 phoos of the books grouped by "Fronts", "Silks", Spines", Edges", and "Seal". Thirty seven of the photos are available in two sizes: 4 inches wide and 9 inches wide. The 4-inch lists allows a quick perusal , and the 9-inch lists allow more detail viewing.

The download time for the lists with the 9-inch photos can be substantial, since two of them have over a dozen photos, with about 400 KB for each photo.

There are 35 volumes that have my personal seal on one page. A picture of the seal is shown with my name blurred out. A few volumes have slight fading of the silks at the edges. This is shown in the photos.

All of the books are from the original Franklin offering. I subscribed when they were first introduced and got them one at a time over a 100 month period beginning circa 1974.

The books are bound in full cowhide with gold embossing, silk moire and special paper, guilt edged pages, and sewn-in silk marker ribbons.

For those who have not had the pleasure of fondling one or more of them, these books are simply stunning. Each book is unque - a work of art.

My preference is to have the buyter take possession in Denver. The books weigh 190+ pounds.

Interested party can contact me at

There are 38 photos each in two sizes - 4 in and 9 in wide - presented under the headmgs of "Fronts", "Silks", "Spines", "Edges", and "Seal' comprising ten lists (web pages).

Fronts - 6 photos - SMALL (4 in wide) or MEDIUM (9 in wide)

Spines - 15 photos - SMALL (4 in wide) or MEDIUM (9 in wide)

Silks - 14 photos - SMALL (4 in wide) or MEDIUM (9 in wide)

Edges - 2 photos - SMALL (4 in wide) or MEDIUM (9 in wide)

Seal - 1 photo - SMALL (4 in wide) or MEDIUM (9 in wide)