Larry VINCENT Garrison Original Oil Painting for Sale

The late Larry Vincent Garrison painted this one May 1968,apparently, from the markings on the back. I purchased it about forty years ago in Southern California just a few miles from the artist's studio at the time. It has enjoyed a prominent place in my homes ever since.

Now that I am downsizing my home significantly in my later years, I no longer have space with which to properly display such a large painting. Needless to say, I have become quite fond of her, but that's life.

The painting with the frame is 43.5 inches wide and 53.5 inches high and, because of the frame, is rather heavy. It is one of only a few ( six, I believe) of this or similar pose which is painted on 30 x 40 inch masonite instead of the usual smaller 24 x 36 inch works, making it a bit more special.

The image to the right is a "thumbnail" of the larger images of it - one is 10 inches wide, and there is another is 18 inches wide. There are two shots taken slightly from the right and from the left that makes you think she is looking directly at you no matter where you stand. I find that interesting.

There is a closeup shot of her face that shows details of the hair, eyes, etc.

Below is a shot of the signature and a notation on the back of the painting, which seems to have been painted in May 1968.

Anyone interested in acquiring it can contact I believe the retail value is in the neighborhood of $5,000, but willing to dicker. The painting is located in the Denver, Colorado area.

This is the Vincent signature in lower right. Hard to see unless you are close to the painting. I lightened it up for this shot.

On the back of the masonite is this painted number and what appears to be a rubber-stamped note abuut rights. Apparently the painitng was done in 1968.