1986 Pace Arrow 30 ft Motorhome by Fleetwood - Page One

There are 40+ photos of the vehicle grouped by "area" and in smaller and larger sizes.- over 80 pics in total.

These pics are 4' wide. There are 12" shots of the sides here: right-side views and gere left-side views, The list of other pics is at the bottom of this page,

The vehicle was purchased to be used as an office next to a garage built in a barn in Weld County, but a county ordinance would not allow it. So the unit has sat for over a year unused since I bought it (as has apparently happened for most of its life ;-).

The inside of the unit shows almost no wear. The outside is weathered, and had developed a roof leak that caused some damage in the cockpit area overhead.

Photos of Areas
Kitchen Living Hallway Cockpit Roof Outside Tires
small large small large small large small large small large small large small large
Party interested in buying the MH contact: dave@xig.com