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Silver Edition

Summit Products are licensed for use on single-user computers. A Summit LICENSE FEE IS REQUIRED FOR EACH COMPUTER on which a Summit Product is installed, except for the Summit Demos.

This Form is for ordering Accelerated-X Summit v2.x SingleLogicalScreen (HX) Series, Silver Edition Software License Keys for use on x86 computer platforms and on one of two operating systems (either Linux, or Solaris on x86).

License Keys can be ordered which support a maximum of four (4), eight (8), or sixteen (16) monitors/projectors - referred to as "Level 1", Level 2" or "Level 3" Keys, respectively. The price of a Key varies with the Level, and will be shown on the Popdown Menu window for "number of monitors" specification in the Order Form below. The prices for HX License Keys are also shown in the table on the Demo Index page. There is no upgrade path from one Level to another, so plan ahead.

Customers are urged to be extra careful in selecting the License Key they order - XiG does NOT give refunds for License Keys. Customers should ensure that the demo software performance is satisfactory for the application intended before generating a License Key Product Code and ordering a License Key.

Company Name (if applicable) and User Name (or Project Name, Product Name, Program Name, etc., in case of company/agency accounts) will be incorporated into the License Key, and will display on the Accelerated-X screen of the Graphical Setup Utility. These names cannot be changed in the Key by the User after the Key is generated.

Order Form - Wall Display Series (HX) License Key(s) (** indicates required items)
Step 1  
This form is for ordering a Summit Series License Key with the following
general specifications:
  •  One or more SLSs across multiple monitors;
  •  64-bit or 32-bit x86 computer platform & OS;
  •  Silver Edition (no OpenGL), supports Video Windows;
  •  Maximum # of monitors to be 4, 8, or 16;
  •  One model of graphics card/chip used in SLS system.
Step 2   You are ordering a Silver Edition Key for Wall Display    Is this the one you want?
Step 3   Select the maximum number of monitors to be supported by this License Key.
**  Note the License Price/Level.
Step 4   Select the Operating System you are running. 
Step 5   Select the Graphics Card the Summit demo is using in your system
Step 6   Number of Licenses for this Key
Specify number of copies of this Summit License Key
you wish to be authorized to use (if more than one)
Register the License Key  (** indicates required items)
Step 7   ** Organization
Individuals can use "Personal" or "none." Otherwise
Corporate Name, Gov't Department, University, etc.
Helpful Hint: Each License Key is automatically registered to the original purchaser. The purchaser's identity is contained in the Key. Unauthorized use of a Key can be traced back to the original owner.
Step 8   ** User

Individual Name, Corporate Department or Product, Gov't Agency or Project, etc.
Step 9   ** e-mail Address

License Key will be e-mailed to this address.
Step 10   Purchasing Contact

Purchasing Agent information (or third party reseller contact)
Credit Card Information
Step 11   Provide us with your Credit Card Billing Information:
An item with the asterisks (
**) in front of it is a required item.

**Name on Credit Card:
**Address Line 1:
Address Line 2 (if applicable):
**Phone Number:

Step 12    
**Credit Card Number:
**Card Expiration Date:  - 
**3-digit number printed on back of card:
     (4-digits on front if AmericanExpress) 
Special Instructions & Comments
Step 13   Special Instructions- (up to 200 chars):
If you wish to provide us with additional instructions, or provide us
the credit card information over the phone, etc.
Step 14   Before submitting, carefully check the software Edition, OS, and graphics hardware information in this
order. XiG does not give refunds for License Keys ordered in error.