Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
Maintenance Keys for Critical Systems

Maintenance "Golden Keys"                           

Companies and Organizations that build graphics-intensive UNIX/Linux/VxWorks systems sometimes face maintenance challenges when these systems are employed in mission-critical applications or in scattered locations that are sometimes not quickly or easily accessible.

In such situations, a "node-locked" licensing method, such as the one used by the Accelerated-X Summit Series, can induce logistical and licensing delays when bringing back on-line a system that has been repaired and the repairs "broke" the original License Key.

When the systems that are being installed are basically similar, Xi Graphics can provide Maintenance Keys, which are termed "Golden Keys," that are generated for the these similar systems, and which will allow repaired system with "broken" license keys to be operated for considerable time while a replacement permanent license key is obtained.

Only one is needed for a number of similar systems. A Golden Key is generally priced the same as the permanent license key for the systems involved. It is a "loose" key can be freely replicated (one for each location, for example) that will ignore some of the system ID items that are used in the permanent keys.

A Golden Key is issued with an expiration date that will allow the Key to be useful for an extended period, usually six months, at which time it must be renewed. Renewal is free for three years from the time of purchase.

Xi Graphics does not generate Golden Keys with active periods longer than six months. Doing so would increase the danger that the Keys would expire before being replaced with permanent ones, and critical systems will end up going down, risking lives and/or property damage.