Date: August 8, 1997


Grace Stanton or Jim Koehler
GD&A Public Relations
(303) 447-1190

Acclaimed X Server Now Available for Laptops

Denver -- Xi Graphics, Inc., developer of the industry-leading Accelerated-XTM Display Server for UNIX, Linux and FreeBSD desktop systems, is pleased to announce a new version of X Servers designed specifically for laptops.

The Laptop Accelerated-XTM Display Server enables PC laptop users funning Linux or FreeBSD to utilize workstation-class features, such as multiple visuals and gamma correction, while maintaining exceptionally high display perfromance. Currently available on a number of today's most popular laptop/notebook machines from leading manufacturers, additional models are being added to the 'available' list monthly.

Because laptop and notebook PCs do not utilize standard graphic chipsets used on plug-in graphics boards for desktop computers, difficulties can be encountered by users setting up and running their operating systems on laptops. The frustration of inadequate driver support is increased by the amount of time the user is required to 'hunt down' and implement fixes on a trial and error basis. Xi Graphics' Laptop Accelerated-XTM Display Server provides a quick and easy solution and delivers the added benefit of enhanced graphical performance. It is the only solution to a number of graphics-related problems experienced by Linux and FreeBSD users, such as hardware support, color correction and sluggish performance.

The Laptop Accelerated-XTM Display Server boasts capabilities and performance well beyond the X server that comes standard with most systems, or that is freely available on the Internet. Laptop users now can benefit from technology Xi Graphics developed for its desktop Accelerated-XTM Display Server v3.1, the industry's leading X display server, providing exceptionally high Xmark and xStone ratings and support for 502 different graphics boards currently.

Like its desktop sibling, the Laptop Accelerated-XTM Display Server supports Pseudo Color (16 & 256 colors), HighColor (32,768 & 65,536 colors), and Truecolor (16.7 million colors) modes, can handle displays far larger than currently available on even the newest laptops, has 'Hot Keys' for 'on-the-fly' switching of display resolution, and is fully compatible with the native X Windows System and the Common Desktop Environment.

Form more information, contact Xi Graphics at 303.298.7478 or visit their web site at