Date: August 21, 1997


Lyn Wazny
GD&A Public Relations
(303) 447-1190

David Methvin
Xi Graphics

Run-time CDE Now Available for Linux

Denver, CO--Xi Graphics, Inc., developer of the industry-leading Accelerated-X
Display Server for Linux and PC UNIX systems, is pleased to announce a powerful, yet cost effective package of its acclaimed X server integrated with a run-time versions of the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) from the Open Group. The new product, called maXimumTMcde Executive Edition v1.0, incorporates Accelerated-X Display Server v3.1 and an enhanced CDE v1.0.10, specifically tuned for Linux.

With this package, the corporate sys admin is able to utilize Linux more effectively in a network setting, without having to pay a premium for the additional development features and tools of a more comprehensive CDE package. The user benefits from a responsive, easy-to-use, consistent, and familiar workspace, and can access applications and data from anywhere on the network.

As with premium UNIX systems, users can custom-configure workspaces to suit their
needs. Switching from one workspace to another is done with a simple mouse click - without having to close applications. The convenient tool bar is at the bottom of the screen and drag-and-drop capability provide quick, easy control of a wide variety of tasks. Additional system features include managers for Style, File, Print, and Mail, plus numerous pop-up sub-panels, keyboard and screen lock, text editor, context sensitive help, personal toolbox, and a logout feature.

Because maXimumTMcde Executive Edition v1.0 utilizes Xi Graphics' powerful Accelerated-X Display Server, system performance is greatly enhanced. It supports more than 500 graphics adapters, including the industry's newest and hottest. A version is also available for many of the more popular laptops.

"With our maXimumTMcde Executive Edition v1.0, we've knocked down the final barrier to broad penetration of Linux in the corporation," says Thomas Roell, President of Xi
Graphics. "Now a powerful user workstation is simply a combination of our products, the Linux operating system, and a standard Intel PC."

"As companies strive to reduce the "cost per seat" associated with additional workstations
and terminals, they are finding that the freedom and power of Linux combined with the
exceptional performance and flexibility of Xi Graphics' maXimumTMcde Executive Edition v1.0 is an attractive and viable alternative to both NT and the more expensive UNIX systems. Best of all, the user gets all the features and functionality he is used to."

maXimumTMcde Executive Edition v1.0 is currently shipping, and lists at $195.95. For more information, call Xi Graphics at (303) 298-7478 or visit