Date: December 18, 1998


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Accelerated-X Display Server Now Available for Digital Alpha Processors Running Linux
Xi Graphics, Inc. Unveils Accelerated-X Display Server for Alpha

Denver -- The industry's premier graphical subsystem for Linux and other X Window System-based desktop computer systems is now available for Digital Alpha processor-based computers running Linux. Accelerated-X Display Server for Alpha incorporates the same high-performance, single-server technology that has made Xi Graphics the leader in quality X display servers for Intel x86-based Linux and UNIX systems.

"Performance is significantly superior to any other X server available for the Alpha computer," says Lee Roder, sales and service director for Xi Graphics. "Our testing shows that Accelerated-X outperforms the competition . . . in some cases by more than a two-to-one margin."

Roder explains that graphics cards from each of the six major manufacturers were benchmarked using the industry standard x11perf Test Suite and compared - where possible - to other Linux Alpha servers. "In all cases, Accelerated-X outperformed the competition . . . in one case by 103 percent," Roder says. (Test data available from Xi Graphics' Web site.)

Xi Graphics' Chief Technologist Thomas Roell backs up the results, saying that based on proven technology used in the x86-based product, Xi Graphics is able to deliver significantly superior performance on Alpha-based systems. Roell adds that Xi Graphics' introduction of Accelerated-X for Alpha is a strategical move towards 64 bit architectures, triggered by the increasing popularity of Linux and request from Alpha owners and resellers for an Alpha version of the Accelerated-X product line.

The New server incorporates advanced features found in the Accelerated-X for Intel x86 hardware, including hardware gamma color correction, true overlays and user adjustable monitor. A list of the more than 230 graphics cards supported on Alpha's PCI bus is posted on Xi Graphics' Web site <> and includes most of the popular cards from S3, Matrox, ATI, Number Nine, Rendition and 3DLabs. This represents a level of graphics card support many times greater than any other Linux X server source.

Designed for high-performance on desktop PCs, Accelerated-X is a highly optimized, hardware-accelerated X server based on and compliant with the X11R6.3 release from The Open Group. Accelerated-X Display Server for Alpha is available for $149.95 plus shipping and handling within the U.S., (slightly higher international rates apply) including unlimited free customer support via phone and e-mail. Quantity discounts are available. For more information, contact Xi Graphics at 800-946-7433 or visit their Web site at