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July 6, 2000

DeXtop™ CDE Makes Big Splash in Linux Industry

Xi Graphics Inc. releases standardized GUI for Linux

DENVER — A complete, easy to use desktop interface has been released by Xi Graphics Inc. The new DeXtop graphical user interface (GUI) is based on the Open Group’s CDE or Common Desktop Environment, an environment that’s familiar to the computing industry, yet easy enough to use for those new to the Linux operating system.

"This product will definitely appeal to the corporate market," said Lee Roder, national sales manager at Xi Graphics, "It is the same Motif/CDE interface found on workstations from Compaq, IBM, HP and Sun, and offers complete interoperability with these platforms."

The package includes Open Motif 2.1.30, CDE and a complete development environment including all the components necessary to compile CDE/Motif applications. Linux desktop and laptop users will find that DeXtop is a powerful GUI for all Linux distributions. Although DeXtop may work with other X servers, it is highly recommended that it be used with the Xi Graphics Accelerated-X‰ or 3D Accelerated-X‰ Display Servers. (X servers contain the software that controls and drives computer graphics hardware; they are not part of the Linux operating system.)

CDE is a commercial GUI developed, maintained and licensed through a set of standards regulated by the OpenGroup ( Member organizations pooled their technologies to develop the Motif-based CDE window manager, which contains most of the elements of the CDE graphical user interface. Together, Motif and CDE represent a stable, consistent target for applications developers.

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DeXtop CDE Makes Big Splash in Linux Industry

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"The OpenGroup maintains and controls the target GUI," said Roder, "and this ensures the stability of the Motif / CDE target by adhering to strict standards."

  • Other DeXtop features include:
  • Integrated support for utilities such as Netscape, Acrobat, Postscript viewer, image viewer
  • Based on The Open Group’s new OpenMotif 2.1.30
  • Graphical login and session manager
  • glibc 2.1 support (only)
  • Full XiG X11R6.4 and OPENMOTIF 2.1.30p2 source code
  • English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese
  • Full X11/Motif/CDE development kit
  • Industry Standard run-time libraries
  • File manager, mail, calendar and CDE/MOTIF Postscript documentation

DeXtop CDE for Linux is now available in box product form for $49.95 within the U.S., including release notes and a CD-ROM containing documentation. International pricing is slightly higher. Quantity discounts are available. DeXtop works on Red Hat, Debian, Caldera, S.u.S.E., Delix, Slackware Linux and others. Price includes free customer support if used with the recommended Accelerated-X or 3D Accelerated-X server.

About Xi Graphics Inc.

Xi Graphics Inc., developers of the Accelerated-X Display Server product line, specializes in premium graphics support software for laptop and desktop graphics hardware operated with Linux and UNIX®. Founded in 1994, Xi Graphics is a privately held corporation located in Denver, Colo. The company provides retail products sold direct and through resellers and OEMs worldwide. Products include free customer support via phone and e-mail. For more information, contact Xi Graphics at 800-946-7433 or visit their Web site at

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DeXtop CDE Makes Big Splash in Linux Industry

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Xi Graphics is a member of the Video Electronics Standards Association, The Open Group’s X Project Team and a member of the Board of Linux International. Xi Graphics’ innovative systems software enables Linux and UNIX to run on desktops, laptops and multi-head configurations with 2D and 3D hardware acceleration.

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