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Linux Gets Industry Standard Graphical User Interface

Xi Graphics, Inc. Fields New Package with Accelerated-X™, Motif

DENVER, July 14, 1999 – In an effort to help the Linux operating system break into the mainstream corporate computer market, a Denver-based company is packaging the free operating system with a commercial quality GUI, or graphical user interface.

With its new maXimumTMcde for Linux, Xi Graphics, Inc. ( is offering Linux desktop and laptop users a powerful graphical user interface — one that’s already an industry standard for UNIX system workstations offered by IBM, HP, Digital, Sun and others. The fully integrated package includes Motif and CDE built on the Accelerated-X Display Server and running on the Linux operating system.

"Linux benefits by having the same ‘look and feel’ as other UNIX systems —making the transition to Linux smoother for users and providing a larger target market for applications vendors such as Adobe, Oracle, Lotus and Microsoft," says Xi Graphics spokesperson Lee Roder. "What we’re offering is a quick, simple installation of the best graphical Linux operating system available."

The common desktop look for Linux comes from the Common Desktop Environment — or CDE — a commercial, propriety GUI developed, maintained and licensed by a consortium of companies called the OpenGroup ( These companies, including Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Sun and Digital, pooled their technologies to develop the Motif window manager, which contains most of the elements of the CDE graphical user interface. Together, Motif and CDE represent the target for applications developers.

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2-2-2 Graphical Linux

"The OpenGroup maintains and controls the target GUI," says Roder, "and this ensures the stability of the Motif / CDE target by adhering to strict standards and offering the product under license to developers."

The result is that systems administrators can inexpensively and reliably add Linux PCs to their enterprise network, resulting in a system that’s far more powerful and stable than NT.

Other maXimumTMcde for Linux features include:

    • Fully integrated utilities — Netscape, Acrobat, Postscript viewer, image viewer
    • Auto detection of graphics hardware at install
    • English, German, French and Italian language desktop support
    • Graphical session and login manager
    • Overlay support on capable hardware

maXimumTMcde for Linux Executive Edition is available for $199.95 within the U.S.; the Developer’s Edition is $349.95. Laptop versions and international pricing are slightly higher. Quantity discounts are available. Linux can be included at no extra charge. maXimumTMcde works on Red Hat, Debian, Caldera, S.u.S.E., Delix, and Slackware Linux.

Xi Graphics offers free, unlimited support for maXimumTMcde. Linux OS technical support is sold in "ServicePacs." For more information, contact Xi Graphics at 800-946-7433 or visit their web site at