March 12, 1997

Lyn Wazney
GD&A Public Relations
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David Methvin
Xi Graphics
(303) 298-7478  


Xi Graphics Announces Major Upgrade to its Popular Accelerated-X Server

Denver -- Xi Graphics, a leading developer of commercial-grade software for Linux and FreeBSD, is pleased to announce the release of the Accelerated-X Server v3.1. For the first time, workstation-class features like multiple visuals, overlays, and gamma correction are available for industry-standard PC hardware.

Version 3.1's advancements provide the only solution to graphics-related problems experienced by Linux and FreeBSD users, such as hardware support, color correction, and performance. It is also the foundation for a new generation of high-performance desktop products offered by Xi Graphics.

The Accelerated-X Server v3.1 drives the most popular graphics hardware, including the latest cards from ATI, Diamond, Matrox, NeoMagic, Number 9, and S3. In all, more than 450 different cards are supported. Major enhancements include technology for TrueColor Visuals (with capable boards), gamma correction, and a unique overlay technology for optimum resolution while conserving resources.

Text-based configuration files permit easy modifications. Performance is unprecedented; the new version can achieve well over 1 million xStones and 24 Xmarks, standard measures of graphical performance used in the X Windows environment.

The Accelerated-X Server has built a strong following worldwide among users who have experienced compatibility, performance, or correctness problems between their hardware and their Linux/FreeBSD operating systems or application software. When loaded, it seamlessly replaces the installed X server and is fully compatible with the native X Windows System. In addition, the server is CDE-ready, enabling successful installation and higher performance of the Common Desktop Environment.

The Accelerated-X Server supports Pseudo Color (16 & 256 colors), HighColor(32768 & 65536 colors), and TrueColor (16.7 million colors) modes, and enables a virtual desktop of up to 2048x2048 pixels. Hot keys are included for "on-the-fly" switching of display resolution.

Xi Graphics is the only X server vendor with cross platform expertise, and the only vendor with a scaleable architecture having the highest performance potential. The new X display server is the fastest, most stable, and feature-rich server available. For more information, contact Xi Graphics at 303-298-7478 or visit their web site at