Date: March 27, 1998


Jim Koehler or Grace Stanton
GD&A Public Relations
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Acclaimed Laptop X Display Server Now Available for Solaris and SCO
For Many Users, This Product is the ONLY way to Run the Popular OSs on Laptops

Denver -- It's an all-too-common scenario: You'e just purchased a new laptop PC. You try to load your favorite UNIX® operating system on it, but it just won't run. After several frustrating hours of troubleshooting, you find that your Solaris or SCO OS does not offer driver support for the latest and most popular laptop chipsets. You're stuck! Until now.

Xi Graphics is pleased to announce the latest addition to its family of popular X servers: The Laptop Accelerated-XTM Display Server v4.1 for SolarisTM and SCOTM for use on the majority of popular laptop models.

Not only do customers benefit from Accelerated-X's powerful server features -- such as Hot Key switching between external and internal display, single or simultaneous LCD and external display, local client acceleration, automatic display centering, and superior graphical performance -- they can also get FREE drivers from Xi Graphics for the latest laptop graphics chipsets made by such firms as NeoMagic, S3, Trident and Chips & Technologies. In fact, Xi Graphics has consistently offered X server support for the latest PC laptop hardware far in advance of other companies or institutions.

"This product was developed in response to the tremendous user demand for a working -- and supported -- X server that would enable PC laptop users to run popular UNIX® operating systems on their machines," comments Andrew Bergin, National Sales Manager for Xi Graphics. "Our Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server for Solaris and SCO has proven to be a blessing for many of our customers."

The Laptop Accelerated-XTM Display Server v4.1 for SolarisTM and SCOTM supports PseudoColor (16 & 256 colors), HighColor (32768 & 65536 colors), and TrueColor (16.7 million colors) modes. Color depth and display resolutions are limited only by graphics chipset capabilities. It is fully compatible with the native X Window System and the Common Desktop Environment (CDE). Performance of the servers are unmatched in the industry.

The Laptop Accelerated-XTM Display Server v4.1 for SolarisTM and SCOTM lists for $249.95, and comes with a money-back guarantee and free technical support. It may be ordered through Xi Graphics' resellers or direct from the company. For more information, contact Xi Graphics at 303-298-7478 or