March 8, 1999

Contacts: Dan Snyders

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Xi Graphics Releases Accelerated-X Display Server Version 5

The Only Fast, Stable Graphics for Linux in Corporate Desktop Environment

The latest version in Xi Graphics' line of Accelerated-X commercial display servers continues to bring exceptional graphics performance and stability to the Linux Operating System in a corporate desktop environment. The Denver-based company has conducted tests on a broad range of graphics hardware, comparing Accelerated-X servers with freeware and other commercial X servers. The results are posted the on the company's Web site at The x11perf test program is freely available and is often shipped with Linux distributions.

"As Linux becomes more prominent on corporate desktops and laptops, it's vital to have an X server that not only provides maximum graphical performance, but also insures the users get stable operation. And the only way to accomplish that is with Accelerated-X," says Lee Roder, sales and service director for Xi Graphics. "Accelerated-X represents a million bytes of quality commercial code, about twice the size of the Linux kernel itself, that enables a GUI to perform with the speed and stability that graphics users would expect from a stable OS such as Linux."

Accelerated-X version 5 features an auto probe function that automatically searches for monitor and graphics hardware and includes support for nearly 600 graphics cards and about 2500 monitors currently. Other features include a graphical install, graphic tablet support, mice with wheels support and, for laptops, Advanced Power Management (APM) . The APM feature, which displays an icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen, allows the user to select full on, suspend, and sleep -- an especially useful feature for laptop users trying to conserve battery power.



Whether the desktop installation uses CDE or freeware window and desktop managers, Accelerated-X provides high performance and accurate graphics display on CRT or LCD monitors. Hardware overlays, hardware gamma color correction, monitor color temperature control and TrueType font rendering are standard support features in Accelerated-X that are generally not found in Linux freeware servers.

Accelerated-X version 5 comes in three configurations, desktop ($99.95), laptop ($199.95), and multi-head ($299.00). All prices are US (slightly higher international rates apply), shipping and handling are additional. The cost includes unlimited free customer support via phone and e-mail. Quantity discounts are available.