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Xi Graphics Shows 3D Linux X Server in Evans & Sutherland Booth at CeBIT

Denver, March 16, 1999 -- Xi Graphics, Inc. announces the demonstration of
its 3D Accelerated-X(tm) Display Server for Linux and OpenGL on high-end
Evans & Sutherland graphics hardware. The new technology is the second
release of Xi Graphics' 3D Tech Demo and is on display March 20 - 24 in the
E & S booth at the CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany. The 3D Accelerated-X
product is running on Evans & Sutherland's new AccelGALAXY card targeted at
the professional user.

Thomas Roell, CEO and Chief Technical Officer of Xi Graphics, says
the server being demonstrated this week at CeBIT with the cooperation of
Evans & Sutherland is the precursor of a new 3D product line that will be
unveiled in the near future. "We are pleased to be able to demonstrate
workstation class professional 3D graphics on Linux and Intel hardware,"
comments Roell. "Having multiple high-resolution windows open simultaneously
is necessary in the workstation environment, whereas a single window with
low resolution is sufficient for gamers," says Roell.

Niraj Swarup, vice president of marketing for board products at
Evans & Sutherland, explains that AccelGALAXY supports the full range of
professional graphics applications, including digital content creation,
visualization, animation and entertainment, design engineering, and
simulation. "The beauty of the REALimage technology is that all of these
AccelGALAXY features are available simultaneously with no degradation in
performance even when all features are turned on," says Swarup. "With PC
workstations using the AccelGALAXY subsystem and Xi Graphics new product,
CAD/CAM engineers, animators, 3D designers, and game developers have a very
powerful platform to create advanced 3D effects without trading off quality
for performance."

The AccelGALAXY offers users a rich set of features including
support for double-buffered resolutions up to 1920 x 1080, a 24-bit Z
buffer, 24-bit color, double buffering, full stereo support, and local
texture storage for up to 32MB. With E & S's new DYNAMICgeometry software,
AccelGALAXY fully exploits the graphics processing power of the new Pentium
III and Pentium III Xeon processors. Other key features include support for
double-buffered overlays, window IDs, texture mapping, stencils, alpha
blending, per-pixel depth cueing, and fog.

The 3D Technology Demo is a controlled release for developers who
are currently deploying OpenGL applications and are interested in moving to
Linux/UNIX on the PC platform. Support for several initial 3D graphics
chipsets, such as Glint Delta/MX, Permedia II, Ticket2Ride IV, i740 and SiS
6326, is included. Additionally, the 3D Demo server will be available for
use on Intel hardware with Linux, UnixWare7 and Solaris/x86, v2.7, v2.6 and
v2.5.1 operating systems in Intel Hardware.

Xi Graphics, Inc., based in Denver, Colo., develops and markets
stable, high-performance commercial X display servers for use with Linux and
UNIX operating systems. The Company's base product line, the Accelerated-X
brand of X servers, is a stable, robust foundation for Graphical User
Interfaces that are often required for Linux and UNIX operating systems
installations that operate on a desktop or laptop computer. For more
information on Xi graphics 3D Tech Demo, contact by e-mail only Visit the Xi Graphics Web site at

Evans & Sutherland develops and manufactures hardware and software to
produce highly realistic 3D synthetic worlds. E&S business units deliver
high-quality visual systems and graphics subsystems for professional desktop
graphics applications, digital video, simulation, entertainment, and
education. Founded in 1968 with headquarters in Salt Lake City, E&S
operates customer sales and support offices throughout the world. Visit the
E&S Web page at

Xi Graphics Accelerated-X 3D Tech Demo Ev2 - General Specifications

Workstation class support on X86 Linux platforms
   - double buffered 24-bit image planes for 3D rendering
   - single buffered 8-bit overlay planes
   - anti-aliasing
   - 24-bit depthbuffer
   - 4-bit stencilbuffer
   - 4-bit WID planes for clipping/buffer swap
   - X11R6.4 based
   - OpenGL 1.1.1 compliant
   - multiple concurrent 3D rendering windows
   - multi-head capable
   - digital flat panel support
   - dynamic loadable 2D and 2D support

Consumer oriented support for low/midrange hardware:
   - double buffered 16-bit 3D rendering
   - 16-bit depthbuffer
   - 8-bit stencilbuffer in software
   - X11R6.4 based
   - OpenGL 1.1.1 compliant
   - multiple concurrent 3D rendering windows
   - digital flat panel support
   - dynamic loadable 2D and 3D support

Supported Graphics Platforms:
   - E&S Ri2100 AccelGALAXY
   - 3Dlabs DMX/GMX
   - 3Dlabs Permedia2
   - Number Nine T2R4 - Revolution IV
   - S3 Savage 3D
   - Intel i740
   - SiS 6326AGP

Superior 2D / X Window subsystem:
   - multiple hardware colormaps
   - overlay planes (incl. Ext.-Visual-Info. extension)
   - asynchronous mouse cursor
   - loadable X-extensions and font renderers
   - single-server technology

Tablet, SpaceMouse Support

Supported Operating Systems
   - Linux 2.0.x and 2.2.x kernels
   - Solaris 2.6
   - FreeBSD 3.1

The AccelGALAXY graphics card - General Specifications

Resolution Color Z-buffer Texture Refresh Rate (Hz)
640 x 480 24-bit 24-bit 16 or 32MB 72, 85
800 x 600 24-bit 24-bit 16 or 32MB 60, 85
1024 x 768 24-bit 24-bit 16 or 32MB 60, 75, 85
1280 x 1024 24-bit 24-bit 16 or 32MB 60, 75, 85
1600 x 1200 12-bit 24-bit 16 or 32MB 65, 70
1920 x 1080 12-bit 24-bit 16 or 32MB 72
2048 x 768* 12-bit 24-bit 16 or 32MB 60, 75, 85

Stereo support
Dual screen (Only one AccelGALAXY card required!)
Gouraud shading
Alpha blending for transparency
High-quality anti-aliasing
   -Bilinear, trilinear filtering
   -Perspective Correction
Per pixel depth cueing
Fog, Overlays & Stencils
Window ID Support

Microsoft Windows NT 4.0

GRAPHICS PERFORMANCE (May vary by CPU and bus implementation)
3D Vectors 4M (3D vectors are 10 pixels, anti-aliased)

3D Triangles 4M triangles/sec (3D triangles are 25 pixels, Gouraud-shaded)

Texture fill rate 90M pixels/sec

E&S REALimage 2000 technology
Built-in VGA support

20 MB 3DRAM (frame & local buffer)
16 MB or 32 MB CDRAM (texture)

   -100% IBM-compatible PC with an Intel Pentium II processor
   -One available AGP slot Power consumption < 25W

   -High quality technical support via a select group of VARs and system manufacturers
   -Direct technical support line
   -Website for access to software driver updates and technical support