Date: October 20, 1997


Jim Koehler or Grace Stanton
GD&A Public Relations
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Xi Graphics Announces Major Upgrade to its Accelerated-XTM Display Server

Denver --Xi Graphics, a leading developer and marketer of commercial-grade software for PC-based UNIXTM and Linux, is announcing the availability of its Accelerated-XTM Display Server v4.1 for the X Window System.

Accelerated-XTM Display Server has built a strong following worldwide among discriminating users who require the best graphics performance possible with Pentium-class computers and high performance graphics cards. When loaded, it seamlessly replaces the installed X server and is fully compatible with the native X Window System, making workstation-class features and performance available for industry-standard PC hardware. In addition, the server is CDE-ready (Common Desktop Environment).

The Accelerated-XTM Display Server v4.1 has a proprietary server architecture that Xi Graphics designed to achieve optimum performance, with an emphasis on hardware acceleration. This new version can achieve 36 Xmarks. This means users can expect the same performance on standard PCs that, in the past, was only available on world-class workstations.

"Accelerated-XTM Display Server is in a class by itself," comments Thomas Roell, president of Xi Graphics. "It's always compatible with the latest "hot" graphics hardware, and it makes your graphical display work at maximum efficiency and performance."

In all, Version 4.1 supports over 500 graphics cards, including the latest from ATI, Diamond, Matrox, NeoMagic, Number Nine, and S3. Drivers for new cards are available free on Xi Graphics' ftp site as they are released. New card drivers are dynamically added, without having to reinstall the server.

The Accelerated-XTM Display Server v4.1 is available for seven operating systems: Linux, Solaris/x86, SCO OpenServer, UnixWare, Interactive UNIX, FreeBSD and BSD/OS. Laptop and Multi-head configurations are also available. Significant enhancements over earlier releases include:

-Local Client Acceleration recognizes when the server is co-resident with the client and reduces communication overhead.

-Packed Pixels saves processing the memory time when processing 24 bpp data

-Single command line character-based installation

-Available in Multi-head configuration and with OpenGL 3D API

-Graphical and text setup (Linux, FreeBSD)

-User-adjustable monitor temperature and refresh rate

-Hardware Gamma Color Correction for TrueColor Visuals

-X11R6.3 compliant

-Asynchronous PS/2, serial and bus mouse

-True overlay capability

-X11 Environment (i.e., Libs, Fonts, Clients)

-Provided on CD-ROM

The Accelerated-XTM Display Server supports PseudoColor (16 & 256 colors), HighColor (3,2768 & 65,536 colors), and TrueColor (16.7 million colors) modes, and enables a virtual desktop of up to 1920 x 1440 pixels. HotKeys are included for "on-the-fly" switching of display resolution. Pricing is from $99.95 to $199.95.

For more information, contact Xi Graphics at 303.298.7478 or visit their web site at