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Xi Graphics Brings Matrox Dual-head Display Technology to Linux

Price Reduction Announced For Multi-head X Server

DENVER - Xi Graphics, Inc. has announced support for the dual-monitor feature of the Matrox Millenium G400 DualHead display graphics card. The support is available for use with Xi Graphics' Multi-head Accelerted-X ™ Display Server.  Xi Graphics has also announced a 33% price reduction of theMulti-head Server Version 5.

Multi-head installations, which can drive multiple monitors simultaneously, are becoming more popular as the graphics hardware capability has become more affordable.

"As sales of the Multi-head servers have grown, we have been able to reduce the price without impacting our top line, and further the growth of the product," said Drew Brandt, technical marketing specialist for Xi Graphics.  "The G400 DualHead Display card is the fastest graphics card we have tested to date, posting over 63 Xmarks at 8bpp color depth. " We're also impressed with the versatile DaulHead feature that uses a single frame buffer with two CRT controllers."

The price of the Accelerated-X Multi-head version 5 has been reduced from $299.95 to $199.95. Quantity discounts are available. The Matrox G400 DualHead support module for use with the Multi-head server can be downloaded
from Xi Graphics ftp site by visiting

Version 5 of Accelerated-X Multi-head Display Server also includes:

· glibc support
· Graphics Tablet support
· X11R6.4 based
· Supports "Mouse with Wheels"
· Flat Panel Support

Accelerated-X provides the ultimate in graphics system software for Linux and UNIXÒ. True hardware overlays, hardware gamma color correction, monitor color temperature control and TrueType font rendering are standard features
in Accelerated-X that are generally not found in other Linux X servers.

Accelerated-X Version 5 comes in three configurations, desktop ($99.95), laptop ($199.95) and multi-head ($199.95); developer editions are available.  All prices are U.S. (slightly higher international rates apply); shipping and handling are additional. Products include unlimited free customer support via phone and e-mail. Quantity discounts are available.

Product demos and updated support can be downloaded from the Xi Graphics Web site. For more information, contact Xi Graphics at 800-946-7433 or visit their Web site at