Sept 17, 1999


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Laptops with New ATI Rage Mobility-P Graphics Chips can run Linux

Xi Graphics' Laptop Accelerated-X provides crucial support

DENVER — Xi Graphics, Inc. has announced graphics system software support for laptops that use the newest graphics chip from ATI.  Besides Linux, the new software also is available for laptops running Solaris x86 and FreeBSD operating systems The software support is available free to owners of Xi Graphics' Version 5 of Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server for PC laptops and can be downloaded from their ftp site at

The Dell Inspiron 7000 and the Fujitsu C-4120 are the first of the new hardware to have been tested in the Engineering Labs of Xi Graphics. Both set new performance records. Benchmark data for these and other laptops are posted on the Xi Graphics Web site - - with comparison data for other servers, such as the freeware servers that ship with Linux distributions.

"This advance marks a continuation of Xi Graphics’ ongoing support for business and personal laptops requiring Linux and UNIXÒ -based operating systems," says Drew Brandt, technical marketing specialist for Xi Graphics. "As more laptops include this advanced chipset, Xi Graphics will continue to provide support."

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2-2-2 ATI Support

Current laptop users can visit Xi Graphics’ Web site at where a demo and updated support can be downloaded. The demo is a full product, easy to install and demonstrates fast, stable performance, especially at TrueColor (24 bits). Xi Graphics offers support for the latest laptops, including:

  • Dell Latitude CPT (NeoMagic 256ZX)
  • Compaq Armada 3500
  • Dell Inspiron 3500
  • Toshiba Satellite 4080XCDT
  • Toshiba Tecra 8000
  • Dell Inspiron 7000 (w/ ATI Rage LT Pro chipset)

Xi Graphics’ Accelerated-X provides users up to double the graphics performance or more from the latest laptops by using the best X server in the industry for Linux and UNIXÒ laptop systems. For comparison benchmark data on these and other laptops running Laptop Accelerated-X and the "other" X servers, visit our Web site at No other X-server currently supports the ATI Mobility on Linux and UNIXÒ .

Accelerated-X provides the ultimate in graphics system software for Linux and UNIXÒ . True hardware overlays, hardware gamma color correction, monitor color temperature control and TrueType font rendering are standard features in Accelerated-X that are generally not found in Linux freeware X servers.

Accelerated-X Version 5 comes in three configurations, desktop ($99.95), laptop ($199.95) and multi-head ($299.00); developer editions are available. All prices are U.S. (slightly higher international rates apply); shipping and handling are additional. Products include unlimited free customer support via phone and e-mail. Quantity discounts are available.

For more information, contact Xi Graphics at 800-946-7433 or visit their Web site at