March 12, 1999


Dan Snyders
GD&A Public Relations
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New Accelerated-X allows Solaris x86 to run on New Graphics Hardware

Support Covers Laptop, Desktop & Multi-head Hardware

Denver - Xi Graphics' Accelerated-X Display Server Version 5 now offers support for the latest desktop and laptop graphics hardware for Solaris 7 (Intel Platform), often referred to as Solaris x86. The product allows corporate and individual users to use Solaris x86 with the latest laptops and graphics cards. The Denver-based company is also working with laptop manufacturers and others to insure support for other peripheral I/O chips at the operating system driver level under Solaris x86.

"We're primarily responding to the many requests for graphics card and laptop graphics support from loyal Solaris users," says Lee Roder, sales and service director for Xi Graphics. Roder says that Xi Graphics' primary focus is on graphics support, but that the company is also working with laptop manufacturers and others to insure Solaris x86 operation with the peripheral I/O chips such as PCMCIA, Ethernet, modem, etc., on the laptop motherboards.

Xi Graphics also has announced a price reduction for Accelerated-X for Solaris. The price for the laptop version has been lowered from, $249.95 to $199.95 and the desktop version from $149.95 to $99.95 which includes unlimited customer technical support via e-mail and phone.



Xi Graphics' Line of Accelerated-X Display Servers is noted for its robust performance and stability. These characteristics and the many features that have been designed into the servers by Xi Graphics over the years make them the ideal foundation for a Graphical User Interface on Linux and UNIX and therefore ideal for use with the Solaris x86. "Other (non-commercial) servers used with Linux do not measure up the the standards of stability and capability that is required in the "Corporate World," Lee continued. "When the Linux or UNIX system crashes because of a flaky X server, the whole operating system is down, and Linux or UNIX usually gets the blame. We fix that." Features of the version 5 servers include a hardware overlays,support for graphic tablets, and mice with wheels, external monitor support for the laptops among others.

Accelerated-X Display Server version 5 comes in three configurations, desktop ($99.95), laptop ($199.95), and multi-head ($299.00) for Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris. All prices are US (slightly higher international rates apply), shipping and handling are additional. Quantity discounts are available. Unlimited free customer support via phone and e-mail is included with the purchase.

Designed for high performance on desktop PCs, Accelerated-X is a highly-optimized, hardware-accelerated X server based on and compliant with the X11R6.4 release from The Open Group. Customers who own the current version of Accelerated-X can get free support from Xi Graphics for the latest laptop graphics chipsets made by firms such as ATI, Chips & Technologies, NeoMagic, S3, Trident and others. In fact, Xi Graphics has consistently offered X server support for the latest PC laptop hardware far in advance of other companies or institutions. For more information, contact Xi Graphics at 800-946-7433 or visit their Web site at