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Xi Graphics, Inc. Fields Hardware-Accelerated 3D X Server For Linux.

DENVER — Xi Graphics, Inc. has announced it will be showing its new commercial 3D Accelerated-X™ Display Server for Linux at COMDEX ‘99 November 15 -19 in Las Vegas. Retail shipment will begin in December.

The announcement makes Xi Graphics the first to market a commercial hardware-accelerated 3D X server. The product is being introduced in two editions — an Entertainment Edition and a Professional Edition — both of which run on most Linux distributions, including Caldera, Red Hat and SuSE. These two editions will be added to Xi Graphics’ existing line of 2D Accelerated-X Display Server products.

The hardware accelerated 3D X server runs on PC desktop hardware (Intel and AMD) and already supports more than thirty different 3D graphics cards from most of the leading manufacturers, including 3Dlabs, ATI, Evans & Sutherland, Diamond, S3 and Matrox.

"We've watched the Linux industry explode," said Ransom Love, president and CEO of Caldera Systems, the industry leader for Linux e-business solutions. "Xi Graphics’ hardware accelerated 3D Display server marks a giant step into mainstream desktop and workstation computing for Linux. This represents a big step forward for Linux and Linux for e-business by the company that set the standard in 2D X servers."

Template Graphics Software (TGS) will be showing their Amira 3D visualization application running on Xi Graphics’ 3D Accelerated-X Display Server in the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) booth LN 260 at the COMDEX show.

Steve Lutz, vice president of sales and marketing for TGS, said, "The advancements made by Xi Graphics in the support of acceleration hardware are quite impressive and will mesh tightly with the needs of high-end graphics software users on Linux."

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"We are pleased that Xi Graphics has chosen our fully featured E&S Tornado 3000ä card to run their 3D Accelerated-X Display Server for Linux at Comdex this year," said Pratish Shah, director of marketing for Evans & Sutherland’s Workstation Graphics division. "The power of our accelerator together with the quality of Xi Graphics’ server renders a very impressive graphics solution."

The 3D Accelerated-X Display Server will be on display at COMDEX ‘99 at the following booths: Atipa Linux Solutions (Booth I302), Penguin Computing (Booth 410), Template Graphics Software/AMD (Booth LN260). These exhibitors will demonstrate the advanced 3D and 2D features of 3D Accelerated-X.

The 3D Accelerated-X products have been in design for over two years and are fully compliant with OpenGL 1.1.1. The products represent a major step in the evolution of Linux for both professional and entertainment use.

3D Accelerated-X Professional Edition and Entertainment Edition both incorporate advanced features such as advanced texture caching, tablet support (Wacom and Summagraphics), spaceball support and 8, 15/16, 24/32 bpp color depth support in addition to 2D support. Products include free customer support via phone and e-mail. For more information, contact Xi Graphics at 800-946-7433 or visit their Web site at

3D Accelerated-X Display Server also includes:

    • Support for over 30 different graphics cards
    • Graphics Adapter Interface for initialization, colormap management and hardware cursor
    • 2D, 3D and initialization separated into different modules
    • Loadable DoubleBuffer extension (DBE)
    • Full CID/WID/DID handling

The Entertainment Edition ($99.95) meets the needs of game developers and players. The Professional Edition ($249.95) includes additional features and functionality for data visualization, 3D modeling and CAM/CAD operation and development. All prices are U.S. (slightly higher international rates apply); shipping and handling are additional.

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About Xi Graphics Inc.

Xi Graphics Inc., developers of the Accelerated-X™ Display Server product line, provides premier graphics system software for Linux and UNIX operating systems. Xi Graphics is a privately held corporation located in Denver, Colorado.

Since 1994 Xi Graphics has provided retail products sold direct and through resellers and OEM’s worldwide. Xi Graphics is a member of the Video Electronics Standards Association, The Open Group's X Project Team and a member of the Board of Linux International. Xi Graphics’ innovative systems software enables Linux and UNIX to run on Desktops, Laptops, and Multi-head configurations with 2D and 3D hardware acceleration.

About Caldera Systems Inc.

Caldera Systems Inc. is the "Linux for Business and Linux for eBusiness" technology leader in designing, developing and marketing Linux-based business solutions, including its award-winning OpenLinux, NetWare for Linux, Linux technical training, certification and support. Caldera Systems is a leader in, and supporter of Linux Standard Base (LSB) and Linux Professional Institute (LPI). Caldera Systems offers a comprehensive line of services including on-site consulting, 24x7 support —

up to and including — on-site board swap. Caldera Systems Authorized Linux Education Centers (ALECs) offer distribution-neutral Linux training and certification based on LPI certification standards. The OpenLinux operating system and related services are available from Caldera Systems, and Caldera Systems resellers, partners, distributors and supporters like IBM, Motorola, Fujitsu, MTI and Helius.

Caldera is a registered trademark of Caldera Inc. OpenLinux is a trademark of Caldera Systems Inc. All other products, services, companies, events and publications are trademarks, registered trademarks or servicemarks of their respective owners in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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Caldera Contact:

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About TGS

TGS develops 2D/3D graphics software applications for 3D design, web publishing, multimedia, corporate and SOHO business users on PC and Mac systems. The company also delivers professional 3D C++ and Java developer toolkits that are used by commercial, corporate and academic software developers on UNIX and PC systems. TGS software products enable the full spectrum of graphics creation and use, from rendering technology to network and enterprise visualization. A founder of the Internet 3D VRML standard and with over 1 million application seats deployed using TGS-licensed software, TGS is a recognized leader in the area of 3D graphics and VRML technology. For more information visit

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Template Graphics Software
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About Evans & Sutherland

Evans & Sutherland develops and manufactures hardware and software to produce highly realistic 3D synthetic worlds. E&S business units deliver high-quality visual systems for simulation and training in defense and commercial applications as well as high-performance systems for workstation graphics, digital video, and other applications throughout the world. Founded in 1968, E&S is headquartered in Salt Lake City. Visit E&S’s web page at

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