Accelerated-X Summit Line

Product Number Mnemonic

Example Summit Product Number:   SDX-22B-LI-ATI Radeon 64DDR 4X-00
SDX- 22B- LI- ATI Radeon 64DDR 4X- 00
Summit Desktop Series

SLX (for laptops)

SWX (for workstations)

SMX (for multi-head)

SCX (for Custom/OEM)

Summit Version and Edition
   (v2.0, Bronze)

22S (Silver),

22G (Gold),

22P (Platinum)

22P (Platinum, probably)

OS & Platform
    (Linux on Intel/AMD)

S I(Solaris on Intel/AMD)

TA (True64 on Alpha)

FM (FreeBSD on Merced)

Card or Laptop description Revision Number
(can be replaced by 'xx' for current revision)