Change uncommonly used and technical options.


Select a virtual desktop resolution. You may want to use a desktop resolution that is larger than the maximum resolution your monitor is capable of. By selecting a desktop resolution other than Disabled, the monitor starts with its maximum resolution, but you can pan to the rest of the desktop defined by selected size.


Change the default visual. This is useful for applications with particular visual type preferences. It is also useful for applications that are confused by visuals when using Overlays.

Count transparency

Compensate for applications that do not understand transparent pixels in the overlay. This option is available when Overlays are enabled.

AGP size

Sets the amount of AGP memory allocated to the graphics board (in kilobytes). AGP memory is used for a number of purposes so it should be left at its default setting (16384 kilobytes). If you want to disable it, set the size to 0. Increase the size if you are using a large number of AGP textures.

DMA size

Sets the amount of memory allocated to the graphics board for command buffers (in kilobytes). DMA memory significantly improves performance for cards that use it. If there is a need to disable it, set the size to 0. Otherwise leave it at the default setting (2048 kilobytes).