Change OpenGL options that affect performance and image quality.

Buffer swap on vertical sync

If On, buffer swaps occur on vertical sync for smoother animations and to reduce image tearing. Enabling this improves quality at the cost of performance.

Force 16 bit depth buffer

Turn On to allocate a 16 bit depth buffer even if greater depths are supported. Using a 16 bit instead of a 32 bit depth buffer can improve performance, but can reduce image quality.

Convert 32 bit textures to 16 bit

If On, 32 bit textures will automatically be converted to 16 bit textures. This can improve performance and save memory if a large number of textures are being used.


Multitexturing can improve performance and appearance by allowing more textures to be applied to animated scenes. Turn Off if scenes that use Multitexturing do not render correctly.


Enable stereo viewing with VESA compliant stereo glasses. This option takes effect the next time Accelerated-X starts. This option is available on graphics boards that support stereo rendering.