Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
X server/driver Features

Index of Summit Features                    

Feature vs Function

Features are loosely grouped by functional areas. Some overlap is indicated by having some Features listed in more than one area.

Some features are primarily a function of the X server or graphics driver, whereas others are more a function of the policies and practices of Xi Graphics. .


This area contains Features that can effect the type, qualiy, source, presentation, and capability of the images produced on the monitors/projectors.

Real Estate

The amount and makeup of pixels in a Display is important, as well as the configuration and capability within the display area. The maximum number of monitors/projectors is an important metric, since it can effect the complexity of the SW, and the overall operation of a system.


The graphics chip/cards and the hardware associated with some monitors is of interest. Even the rotation of monitors is covered, as well as the need for special hardware to communicate with some monitors.


Graphics chips are now referred to as GPUs, which often have separate 2D and 3D "engines." Some graphics cards have multiple graphics chips, while some cards have only one chip, but are capable of "driving" four monitors. With many monitors/projectors in a display, the number and type of graphics chips (GPUs) may be important.


Special operations such as Record/Playback, and operational items such as multiple X servers in one computer, the up-time of systems, and the overall system performance is covered in this area.

Image             Real Estate      Hardware         Hosepower        Operation           
SingleLogicalScreen (SLS) HiRes Monitors Multiple GPUs/Cards Multiple GPUs/Cards X Record/Playback
PseudoColor HX Levels 1, 2, 3 Touchscreen Full Hardware Acceleration Full Hardware Acceleration
OpenGL Multiple Xscreens Touchpanel OpenGL Multiple X servers
Image Overlays SingleLogicalScreen (SLS) Panel Multiple X servers Free Maintenance Support
Video Window (XVideo) MultiView - Dual, Triple, Quad Rotation Stereo
MultiView - Dual, Triple, Quad Portrait/Square HiRes Monitors
Multiple Xscreens Touchscreen Full Hardware Acceleration
X Record/Playback MaxMonitors
Rotation Rotation
Hidden Pixels