Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
Desktop (DX) Series

Fast, feature-rich, very stable
graphics drivers & X servers

Free Maintenance Support
(some restrictions apply)

Stretched Desktop
across two monitors

Multiple Xscreens
from one GPU

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Bulk License Purchases

Free Public Demos -
Test on Target Systems

DX Series for Desktop Systems

Proven Performance
Xi Graphics' Accelerated-X SW earned, over the past fifteen years, a reputation for speed, stability, and very low maintenance. It is used by individuals, companies, and government organizations.

Hassle-free Software
If the objective is to install, configure, and forget, then Accelerated-X is the ticket. If devising workarounds to buggy SW or rebooting after hangs is not a bother, well then ... ,maybe not.

Free Maintenance Support
Xi Graphics has provided free maintenance support, as well as free support for most kernels and platform updates to the OSs and platforms that we support, and has done so for the entire existence of the Company - nearly fifteen years.

Free Downloadable Demos
Various standard system configurations are available - as Series "Editions" - for download and testing on your target systems. If a particular Edition satisfies your application needs, a License Key can be purchased on-line with a credit card. A list of public demos available is further down the page, with links.

Monitor Configurations
All monitor views are fully hardware-accelerated. Configurations are available for multiple xscreens, or a "stretched desktops", if the graphics card has two monitor connections.

OS And Platform Choices
The DX Series is available on x86, and SPARC platforms, with Solaris, and Linux kernels, depending upon the GPU. Contact us with your system requirements - we may be able to pull the pieces together for you.

Special System Needs?
The DX Series SW is flexible, allowing special features to be quickly designed to fit new or unusual requirements. Contact us with your requirements.

Summit Series Licensing
All instances Summit Series SW is licensed to a computer system using node locking. License Keys from one system generally cannot be used on another system, even with the same graphics card or GPU.

Customers with large numbers and/or dispersed systems can obtain Maintenance Keys that will enable repaired systems to be brought on-line while a replacement permanent License Key obtained.

DX Series Standard Editions & Features

Desktop (DX) Series - Features vs Editions
Features / License Price
Image Overlays
Multiple Xscreens
Max Monitors Supported 1 2 1 2
HIRes Monitors
Multiple GPUs, Cards
Full Hardware Acceleration
Multiple X Servers
Panel (lvds)
X Record/Playback)
Free Maintenance Support

There are a considerable number of configurations available in the DX Series.

Two standard Editions are available as public downloads that can be tested to provide examples of ease of installation, level of performance, and the stability of the SW.

The list of available features shown above provide an indication of the large potential in the DX Series,

SPARC and the IBM Power Series are supported with a limited selection of graphics hardware.

More graphics GPUs/cards can be added if needed and the graphics chip register-level documentation necessary for full hardware acceleration is obtained from the chip manufacturer.

For more details on individual features, see the Features section.

Details on discounts for bulk license purchases   P 


DX Series Public Demos Available
(All v2.2 product are legacy, and no longer maintained)

Some public demos of the DX Series are available for free download and testing on target systems. Links to those currently available are provided in the table below.

GPUs/cards that are supported in the DX Series are also listed below.

There is a timer in each demo that will stop the X server about every 25 minutes, but it can be restarted any number of times.

For extended testing without interruption, qualified prospects may obtain an "Extended Testing License Key" that will allow the demo to operate for extended periods and then expire completely.

Xi Graphics' support begins with pre-sales help with configuration issues and other issues with installation of demos, etc.

Desktop (DX) Series - x86 Platforms


Silver $59
Platinum $89


Silver $59 Download Demov2.2
Platinum $89 Download Demov2.2
Desktop (DX) Series - SPARC Platforms
Solaris Platinum $279 Download Demox2.4

Should your requirements include a different mixture of features, or optional feature not in the standard demos, contact us with your needs. We may be able to quickly generate a custom demo for you.

Permanent License Keys for Public Demos that satisfy your needs and requirements after testing can be purchased on-line or over the phone with a credit card. Keys are processed manually during normal work hours (Mountain Time, USA). Use the "BuyLicenseKey" menu button in the top bar for the procedure for ordering Keys.