Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
Multi-head (MX) Series

Fast, feature-rich, very stable
graphics drivers & X servers

Free maintenance support
with fast response

Used on US Navy's New
Frigate USS Freedom (LCS 1)

Used by Dept of Energy
in Various Locations

and Image Overlays

Quantity Discounts on
Bulk License Purchases

Easy Install, Configuration
& Reliable, Trouble Free Ops

Used by US Air Force

OpenGL &
Video Windows Available

MX Series for Multi-head Systems

Proven Performance
Xi Graphics' Accelerated-X SW is used in multi-monitor, multi-xscreen systems throughout the World, where reliable, stable operation is essential.

Hassle-free Software
Accelerated-X Summit Series SW is easy to install/configure, quick to commission, and provides trouble-free operation, even when updating kernels.

NEW: ATI FireMV-based System
Some cards from the ATI FireMV line have been added to the MX Series. These cards have derated clocks to lower power consumption, eliminate the fan on the card, and extend their life, and the life of the compute itself.

Monitor Configurations
All monitor views are fully hardware-acellerated. Monitors driven by cards that have two monitor connectors per grahics chip can share an xscreen, providing an SLS for those two monitors. Or an xscreen per monitor can be used. If a Single Logical Screen "stretched" across two or more graphics chips is reauired, the HX Series is recommended.

OS And Platform Choices
The MX Series is available on x86, SPARC, and Power platforms, and with Solaris, Linux, and AIX kernels, depending upon the GPU. Contact us with your system requirements - we may be able to pull the pieces together for you.

MX Series Product Configurations

Multi-head (MX) Series - Features vs Editions
Features  /  License Price
Image Overlays
Multiple Xscreens
Max Monitors Supported 4 16 4 16
HiRes Monitors
Multiple GPUs, Cards - - - -
Full Hardware Acceleration
Multiple X Servers
Panel (lvds)
X Record/Playback)
Free Maintenance Support

There are a considerable number of configurations available in the MX Series. A few are available as public downloads that can be tested to provide examples of ease of installation, level of performance, and the stability of the SW.

The list of features shown abpve provides an indication of the large potential in the MX Series,

OpenGL can be viewed (stretched) across two monitors from a single graphics chip, (if the graphics card can drive two monitors from one chip) using the MultiView feature, and both monitor views are fully accelerated.

The MX Series has been a workhorse for multi-monitor applications for several years and is used in countless applications. However, of OpenGL is not a requirement, the newer HX Series has more flexibility in the configuration of Single Logical Screens across large numbers of monitors.

SPARC, and the IBM Power Series can be supported with a limited variety of graphics cards. Contact us with your system needs.

For more details on individual features, see the Features section.

Details on discounts for bulk license purchases   P 


MX Series Public Demos Available
(All v2.2 product are legacy, and no longer maintained)

Links to standard demos in the MX Series are in the table at the right There is a timer in the demos that will stop the X server about every 25 minutes, but it can be restarted any number of times

GPUs that are currently supported in the MX Series are listed below. Other graphics hardware may be added to the v2.4 version of MX as requirements and graphics chip documentation is made available to Xi Graphics.

For extended testing without interruption, qualified prospects may obtain an "Extended Testing License Key" that will allow the demo to operate for extended periods and then expire completely.

Multi-head (MX) Series - x86 Platforms


$129 Bronze Selection Download Demo v2.2
$159 Silver Selection Download Demo v2.2
FireMV Download Demo v2.4
$169 Gold Selection Download Demo v2.2
$199 Platinum Selection Download Demo v2.2
FireMV Download Demo v2.4


$129 Bronze Selection Download Demo v2.2
$159 Silver Selection Download Demo v2.2
FireMV Download Demo v2.4
$169 Gold Selection Download Demo v2.2
$199 Platinum Selection Download Demo v2.2
FireMV Download Demo v2.4

Xi Graphics' support begins with pre-sales help with configuration issues and other issues with installation of demos, etc.

Permanent License Keys for Public Demos that satisfy your needs and requirements after testing can be purchased on-line or over the phone with a credit card. Keys are processed manually during normal work hours (Mountain Time, USA). Use the "BuyLicenseKey" menu button in the top bar for the procedure for ordering Keys.

Should your requirements include a different mixture of features, or optional feature not in the standard demos, contact us with your needs. We may be able to quickly generate a custom demo for you.